Module I: Understanding Inflammation - Nutrition for Physical Medicine

In EBN Module I: Understanding Inflammation - Nutrition for Physical Medicine, we explore the most basic, yet crucial and clinically relevant dietary and supplement concepts. Topics include:

  • Inflammation initiation and resolution

  • Nerve conditions, back and neck pain

  • Joint Health and Arthritis care

  • Myofascial pain and muscle hypertonicity

  • Sports injuries, surgery prevention and recovery

  • Protein types, multivitamins, probiotics, organic foods

Download the PDF file below for the full conference description and outline of the e-module content. Additionally, watch the sample videos here.


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Module 1 Seminar Details
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Reduced Price for EBN e-Module 1: Addressing Inflammation - Nutrition for Physical Medicine

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Module 2: Advanced Sports Nutrition Seminar

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Module 3:

Bio-Identical Hormones

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