Volume 1 Edition 4  (2015)

In the last issue of Volume 1, EBN Quarterly discusses the PROs and CONs of whey protein vs vegan protein sources. Flax seed is highlighted as a functional food for its multi-puporse action in the body (including its omega-3 profile, fibre content and positive impact on hormonal balance). Finally, Dr. Marc Bubbs ND, author of The Paleo Project gives his insight into nutrition and clinical practice.

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Volume 1 Edition 3  (2015)

In this Spring 2015 edition of EBN Quarterly, Vitamin D3 is highlighted as an extremely under-utilized nutrient in MSK pain cases. A brief summary of beetroot juice and its application within exercise physiology is mentioned and Dr. Richard Henry discusses his practice as an anesthesiologist dealing with chronic pain.

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Volume 1 Edition 2  (2015)

For the 2nd edition of EBN Quarterly, the many applications of Curcumin are discussed, with a focus on its potent anti-inflammatory action. Coconut oil also gets a balanced review while Dr. Mordy Levy, MD, DC, ND talks about why fish oil is his go-to supplement in clinical practice.

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Volume 1 Edition 1  (2014)

In this edition of EBN Quarterly, we review various forms of Magnesium and their respective bioavailabilities, indications, advantages and drawbacks. Almonds are highlighted as functional food with high protein, unsaturated fats and the ability to reduce systemic inflammation. Finally, Dr. Emannuel Frantzis, DC, DO(MP) tells us about his practice and clinical philosophy. 

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