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Evidence Based Nutrition (EBN) is an organization designed to educate integrated medical practitioners in clinical nutrition and supplementation. Patients have come to expect a deeper understanding of nutrition from all alternative and integrative healthcare practitioners. Moreover, the natural health product industry is rapidly growing. This leads to more and more questions about what supplements to take, at what dosage, for how long and so on.

EBN has been created to give integrative medicine practitioners well-researched answers to these questions and provide simple, effective nutritional protocols for their patients. By incorporating clinical nutrition and targeted supplements into treatment protocols, practitioners are able to improve clinical outcomes and maximize patient retention.

The overall goal of EBN is to simplify clinical nutrition and nutritional supplementation so that practitioners can be confident in the efficacy and safety of their dietary prescriptions. In turn, alternative and integrative medical practitioners will be positioned as more complete healthcare practitioners and utilize their full scope of practice.

All of these goals are achieved through one or two-day intensive seminars (or online webinars) that include live lectures from leading integrative clinicians, detailed note packages, treatment protocols and additional resource recommendations.

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Reduced Price for EBN e-Module 1: Addressing Inflammation - Nutrition for Physical Medicine

Get the details here

Module 2: Advanced Sports Nutrition Seminar

e-module is now also online here! See sample videos here!

Module 3:

Bio-Identical Hormones

e-Module is now available online here! Learn more about the speakers and schedule here!

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