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Evidence Based Nutrition (EBN) specializes in providing up-to-date research on nutritional supplementation and dietary trends. Through comprehensive and integrative seminars, EBN provides simple, safe and ready-to-use protocols designed for alternative and integrative medical practitioners with any level of nutritional understanding. 

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Keep up to date on natural health ingredients and nutritional research with EBN Quarterly


Register for an EBN Seminar and gain practical and ready-to-use nutritional foundations.

                        Why Evidence Based Nutrition?

  • Learn foundational and advanced clinical nutrition 

  • Simple and evidence-based supplement protocols to improve your treatment plans

  • Clinical pearls from leading integrative clinicians, naturopathic doctors and chiropractors​​
  • Improve clinical outcomes, maximize patient retention and increase revenue

              News & Updates

Reduced Price for EBN e-Module 1: Addressing Inflammation - Nutrition for Physical Medicine

Get the details here

Module 2: Advanced Sports Nutrition Seminar

e-module is now also online here! See sample videos here!

Module 3:

Bio-Identical Hormones

e-Module is now available online here! Learn more about the speakers and schedule here!

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